Dark armpit patches, damp back circles from sitting, hot under the collar from having to present to the board….

Sweating completely natural and an essential way to keep our body temperature regulated and to keep us from overheating. But it isn’t pretty and there is no sugar coating it.

Every day, you face stress, heat and movement, you are going to sweat. While natural fibres are considered breathable, they also do a great job of retaining moisture and are unable to stand up to high pressure situations.  In 2017 John Miles set out on a mission to create a professional looking, moisture wicking dress shirt. Cotton dress shirts are a thing of the past, the future of dress shirts is here!

Wicking Fabric, Who Invented It?
Wicking fabric was believed to have been first invented by Robert Kasdan (New York, N.Y.) and Stanley Kornblum (Monmouth Junction, N.J.) They found that a synthetic knit fabric made up of micro-fibre yarn that had wicking properties. The patent for this technology was filed on July 31, 1998. However in 1996, Kevin Plank who later founded Under Armour, is believed to have been the first person to mass market moisture wicking fabrics while he was at the University of Maryland. This fabric would not prevent you from sweating but was designed to minimise the impact of sweat and help athletes perform once sweating began.

How does it work?
Just like a candle draws wax up the wick to the flame, moisture wicking fabric pulls moisture from the body to the exterior of the shirt where the moisture can evaporate more easily. These specialised fabrics are made from polyester and or polyester blends and are quick drying and do not retain moisture like cotton or other natural fabrics.

Although these dress shirts are not going to stop you from sweating, they will defend you against the visible patches and damp, so you carry on with your day with supreme comfort and top performance.

If you are one of the millions of guys out there that are currently wearing a dress shirt that is not performing at the level you deserve, then it is time to upgrade your dress shirt game and check out John Miles dress shirts.

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