What are we really buying? When a shirt isn’t just a shirt…

It’s a shirt. What else can I write about?

My good friend Jane is stumped.

She’s created an incredible men’s shirt. It ticks off so many boxes. Solves so many Urgh! moments for guys.

It’s crease-proof. No more ironing.

It’s sweat-proof. No more horrific underarm pools.

But she can’t figure out what to tell people about the shirt. Other than lines like these.

What’s more, there are lots of stores selling shirts. Why would anyone buy from an unknown — even if the shirts are incredible…

When a shirt isn’t just a shirt

We draw it out.

Who would find these shirts helpful?

Doctors, physios, those in the medical profession because they move around a lot. The flexible fabric will make it more comfortable.

Self-employed. Because they don’t wear suits and ties to work, but still need that professional look…

We move onto what they do in the evenings. On the weekends. What they laugh at. Who they spend time with. What they drink. What they watch.

We paint a picture of the men who wear these shirts. Their lives. Their loves.

Meaning matters more than price.

The other day I needed peanut butter.

There was a great selection. The one that stood out to me looked home-made. It had personality. It had a story. It spoke to me like a friend. It oozed deliciousness, passion, and charm:

COME VISIT US! Own up… you’ve been promising yourself a visit to Nelson for ages. You can take a bike tour, kayak and hike Abel Tasman National Park and inspect a bunch of vineyards. These days thought the highlight of any visit to Nelson is The Peanut Butter Factory Tour… round up the family and book yourselves in…


It was almost double the price of other peanut butter brands.

I bought it.

Why do you buy?

Many of us are picky about what we buy. It helps if the product or service is good. But we’re not just buying a product or a service.

We naturally want to connect. To be understood. To relate. To be related to. To support local and small — because that could easily be us.

We’re buying meaning. An experience.

So give us something to cling onto.

Share your story.

Make us laugh.

Help us believe.

Be part of our lives.

Because a shirt isn’t just a shirt.

Source – https://medium.com/swlh/what-are-we-really-buying-when-a-shirt-isnt-just-a-shirt-dc9eeda9041b

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